About Us


In 2008,Tianjin Qiangli Pneumatic Tools Commerce&Trade Co.,Ltd was established.

In 2016, Tianjin Qiangli was reorganized into Tianjin Longtop Mining Co.,Ltd.In a 10-year cycle, whether "Tianjin Qiangli" or "Longtop Mining", has been committed to providing global customers with better cost-effective mining machinery products, including, but not limited to, pneumatic rock drilling tools produced by own factory.

In 2022, We set up a new company, Tianjin Rioto Machinery,which will be mainly responsible for the export business of the original Tianjin Longtop Mining. Tianjin Longtop Mining Co.,Ltd will continue to exist and be responsible for other businesses of the company. Hope all customers can understand and support.

Over the past 14 years, through the cooperation with different countries and regions of mining enterprises, equipment dealers and accumulated experience, we can provide customers with timely and accurate industry and product information; According to the different needs of customers to provide customers with high-performance and price-ratio products and services.

The main products and services we can now offer to our customers:
1.Mining drilling machinery and supporting tools and equipment
2.Mine ventilation equipment (Explosion-proof and non Explosion-proof)
3.Mine drainage equipment (submersible pumps, diaphragm pump)
4.Mine lighting (various types of mine lamps)
5.Transport equipment for mining (various types of transport winch, scraper, dump truck, etc.)
6.Mine security products

We look forward to working with our customers in the next decade to continue to create greater value for our customers with our quality products and services.

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