JPB loạt scraper tời

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Scraper winch is mainly used in underground or open pit ore handling and filling operations in metal mines and other mines. Mainly used for horizontal raking, but also for horizontal or inclined slope raking less than 44 degrees, can not be used as lifting equipment. Drivers can operate by hand beside winches or by using buttons several to tens of meters away from winches.

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Thẻ sản phẩm

Mô hình

Công suất (KW)

căng thẳng trung bình (KN)

Tốc độ trung bình (m / s)

Con lăn Dia. (Mm)

Kích thước (L * W * H) (mm)

Trọng lượng (kg)

chủ yếu

hỗ trợ

2JPB-7.5 7,5 8 1 1 205 1146 * 538 * 480 390
2JPB-15 15 14 1.1 1,5 220 1580 * 640 * 610 665

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